Yeh Pulu is a 25m long carved cliff face surrounded by rice fields and is an easy 300m walk from the car-park. Yeh Pulu is only 5 min drive from the more famous Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) so add it to your itinerary if you are in the area!

Best of all, this attraction is small which means it isn’t high on the tourist radar so you should have the place mostly to yourself.

Yeh Pulu Entrance

What to expect at Yeh Pulu

The Yeh Pulu site is believed to be from the late 14th Century and the carvings may tell the story of the Hindu God Krishna¹. The carving is long (25m) but not that high so is not as impressive as other carvings in Bali. However, the surrounding landscape is so relaxing and green and the lack of tourists makes this a really enjoyable location. The carving isn’t going to rock-your-world, but it is cheap, easy to find, a lovely walk and overall we really enjoyed it.

You may also be greeted by an eccentric older women who will flick water in your face as a blessing! This may sound weird and intrusive, but she is really cute and just wants a donation made for the site.  We didn’t find her pushy and only left around 5,000 Rp (AUD $0.50) since we weren’t sure if it was a legitimate donation tin or not.

Yeh Pulu Rice Field
Rice Fields along the walking path to Yeh Pulu
Yeh Pulu Carving
Yeh Pulu Carving


Adult 15,000 Rp (~AUD$1.50)

Child 7,500 Rp (~AUD $0.75)

Plus a donation to the infectiously happy older women who flicks water in you face (see above).

Getting There

Yeh Pulu was not on the standard tours offered by our hotel, but we just arranged with a driver for a half day trip for 350,000 Rp (~AUD$35) and visited:

Tips for Visiting with Children

We found this attraction great for taking a child. Noodle loved that the path was flat, and the walk wasn’t too long. In sections the path follows a small stream which was a great location for lizard and butterfly spotting.

As a general tip, we found the heat and humidity were too much for Noodle (7.5 years at the time) so did multiple half day trips instead of full-day trips.

More Information

There are lots of photos on The Bali Bible website or head to Trip Advisor to see current reviews.



¹Lonely Planet (2017) Bali & Lombok Guidebook, and website.

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