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In October 2019 Jason and I enjoyed a child-free day, and geez did we do it right! A 6-hour cruise around the east coast of Wilsons Promontory looking for seals, Humpback Whales, dolphins and seabirds.

This post is not sponsored by Wildlife Coast Cruises, but if it had been sponsored, this post would be exactly the same!


Wilsons Promontory is also called Wilsons Prom, or just “The Prom”

red rocks of Wilsons Prom

Where is Wilsons Prom?

Wilsons Promontory is the southernmost tip of mainland Australia, around 3 hours drive from Melbourne. This incredible National Park in the Gippsland region is home to stunning beaches, incredible walks and plenty of wildlife.

Definitely add Wilsons Prom to your Victoria itinerary, it should not be missed!


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When to go

Whale Watching

The Wildlife Coast Cruises leave from Port Welshpool during the whale migration season (September – November). Prices and times are on their website, which include the Wilsons Prom cruises, and cruises in other locations such as Phillip Island.

TIP | Follow Wildlife Coast Cruises social media accounts for any early-bird specials which is what I got (always looking for a bargain!).


Other Cruises

Head to the Wildlife Coast Cruises website to see the other cruises on offer at Wilsons Prom and Phillip Island. I have my eye on the 9-hour Wilsons Prom cruise!


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What if there are no whales?

Honestly, the whales are a bonus to the incredible scenery of Wilsons Prom with blue waters and the iconic orange and black rocks along the shoreline. We did see whales but they were not interested in seeing us so kept diving down. The tour operator was very respectful and did not chase them but instead gave excellent commentary and interesting facts about these magnificent creatures.


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Wildlife Coast Cruises: Wilsons Prom Whale Watching Cruise
Wildlife Coast Cruises: Wilsons Prom Whale Watching Cruise

On-board facilities

The boat was very comfortable with great facilities. All the staff were awesome and so was the food – warm muffins, soup and sandwiches for lunch and tea/coffee all day.  If you are with a small group I suggest getting the booths on the top deck as they are very comfy and sheltered.


What about sea-sickness?

I don’t generally get sea-sick but took precautionary motion sickness tablets in the morning, but didn’t take any after that.

The conditions can be pretty rough but we found this really fun (hanging on, water splashing into the boat etc) – but the guy vomiting on the lower deck didn’t. So, if you are prone to sea-sickness it would be worth taking precautionary motion sickness medication.

Wildlife Coast Cruises actually contacted us with the weather forecast in advance as they were expecting some rough conditions. Excellent service!

Getting There

Cruises to Wilsons Promontory leave from Port Welshpool (note this is not at Wilsons Prom). When you come into Port Welshpool there is the Long Jetty which is worth a visit, then the public boat ramp (check for massive stingrays!!), then the jetty for Wildlife Coast Cruises at the end.

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Enjoy a beautiful day cruising along the Wilsons Prom coastline.
Enjoy a beautiful day cruising along the Wilsons Prom coastline.

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