Pirates Bay Nusa Dua

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I believe that Pirates Bay Nusa Dua has closed 🙁  Head to the Bali Destination page for more inspiration. 

Ahoy there me hearties, are ye looking for a place to avoid the landlubbers and do some treasure hunting, general tomfoolery and have a good clap of thunder? Then set ye sails for Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua Bali.


Once ye have cast ye anchor head into the pirate themed café and restaurant and steal a treehouse or take the main ship.



Pirates Bay Nusa Dua

Food and Drink

We only had drinks here which were around AUD$2-6 for tea, juice or smoothies plus 21% Tax and service charge.

They have the menu on the website if you want to check out prices before you go. Definitely more expensive than other areas of Bali, but we didn’t stay in Nusa Dua so maybe these prices are standard for the area?


The website has information on treasure hunts for adults and kids, and there was a zip-line which we didn’t try.

For us, the tree-houses, pirate boat, basic obstacle course and hanging seats were the highlights without doing any of the planned activities. Noodle (7.5 years at the time) loved the obstacle course and climbing around the tree-houses.  I really liked that the whole area was sandy so kids (and adults) could just build sand-castles right next to the tables.

Pirates Bay Nusa Dua
Pirates Bay Nusa Dua
Pirates Bay Nusa Dua

Getting There

Pirates Bay is in The Bay development in Nusa Dua. You can’t access Pirates Bay from the road so park in the car-parks and then head to the water. There were plenty of signs to point you in the right direction. The Kura – Kura Bus stops at The Bay but I can’t provide any advice on this service as we didn’t use it.

Further Information

The Pirates Bay Bali can be found on Facebook, Instagram or head to the website. Plus Trip Advisor has over 500 reviews of The Pirates Bay.

Our Verdict

For us, we couldn’t justify the price for the food, but to go for a refreshing drink and the kid-friendly play-spaces it was definitely worth it.

Pirates Bay Nusa Dua

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