Why be served delicious ice cream by humans, when you could be served by robots? Niska Robotic Ice Cream Bar at Federation Square in Melbourne is the first robotic ice cream shop in Australia and opened just in time for the September school holidays.


Yummy Melbourne-made ice cream flavours

The Robots

Pepper will assist with ordering, Eka will scoop your flavour and Tony will add your extras.


The ice cream

There are a range of ice cream flavours and toppings with single scoop costing $7.65 and double $10.95 plus extra for toppings. The ice creams are locally produced in Melbourne.

Simply order at the screen, then wait for the robots to expertly prepare your ice cream. Your precious gift will be placed in a clear box and a bell rung to signal it is ready to eat! Scan your ticket to open the box door and enjoy!

Wait time was around 15 minutes but during busy periods can easy be 30 minutes.


Opening Hours

Open every day 11 am – 8 pm at Federation Square. Card only, those robot hands are for ice cream scooping only, no time to count change!


Getting There

Niska Robotic Ice Cream Bar is located at Federation Square in Melbourne. Fed Square is across from Flinders Street Train Station which makes it very easy to find.

Further Information

Niska Robotic Ice Cream Bar Melbourne can be found on Facebook, Instagram or head to the website.

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