Did you find an awesome hotel that you loved dearly? Did it feel homely, exciting and calm all at the same time? Perfect firmness of beds and pillows, great location and delish breakfast? Did it close? Did it even bother to warn you it was closing? Stinks doesn’t it.

The Villa Siem Reap – a favourite in Siem Reap which I hope doesn’t close anytime soon!

It’s OK to cry

It’s OK to cry, let it out. Your heart has been broken, it is justifiable to mourn. People might say “Get over it, it was just a hotel” but you should ignore them.

Alternative Hotels

Look for alternative hotels online and compare them heavily to old hotel. Get annoyed and frustrated that nothing compares. Slam laptop in annoyance (this is less effective with a tablet or phone).

Calm Down

Calm yourself. Look again and just make a decision for a new hotel.

New Hotel

Go to new hotel with hostile attitude. Even if it looks great be indifferent. This hotel must work for your love and respect.

Open Your Heart

Fall in love with new hotel, or just accept reality that old hotel is a past lover. If you can not reach this state then return to Step 1.