Booking an overseas trip at short notice can work two ways – prices can be really high if transport and accommodation are almost booked, or prices can be really low if travelling off-peak. 

Have you ever booked a trip at short notice? Here are some things to consider.

Make sure you have a passport with 6 months validity as most countries won’t let you in if you don’t. Some airlines may let you book without a passport, but many won’t.
Visa Vietnam


Choose a destination that is visa exempt for your nationality, or has visa on arrival. 

If you are booking with less than 1-2 weeks notice you may struggle to get the visa back in time depending on the speed of your postal services and the embassy completing the Visa.

Also handy to take spare passport photos if you need them for a visa on arrival.


Check your immunisation history and any immunisation suggestions for the country (if you choose to be immunised). See your doctor if unsure.


Got you passport, visa sorted, jabs are current – time to book! 

Oh, and don’t forget to tell your employer you won’t be at work (if needed).

Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to book travel insurance, especially one that has unlimited medical.