Agnes Falls Victoria Scenic Reserve

Agnes Falls in South Gippsland is the highest single span waterfall in Victoria (59 meters high). Enjoy a walk and picnic amongst the Blue Gums and watch the falls drop into the rocky gorge. The walk to the falls is well maintained and only 220 meters from the carpark, or take the River Walk which is around 350 meters.

Agnes Falls Victoria

What to expect at Agnes Falls

Firstly you will have to try and not crash your vehicle while taking in the gorgeous views over Corner Inlet Marine Park and Wilsons Promontory on the scenic drive to the falls.

While driving to the falls you will no doubt be thinking you have missed a turn as you are surrounded by farmlands. But keep going! You will soon enter the Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve complete with toilets, picnic areas and of course the waterfall.

Agnes Falls Victoria

The picnic area has plenty of tables and grassy areas for picnic blankets, all shaded by a canopy of trees.  Take a stroll along the waters edge and follow the signs to the waterfall. Whilst you can’t reach the bottom of Agnes Falls, the views from the walking tracks are wonderful. There are plans for a cantilevered viewing platform which would be amazing!


A few points to note about the Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve:

  • There are no cooking facilities, but feel free to bring along a portable BBQ unit or stove
  • Bring your own drinking water
  • You are responsible for your rubbish, you must take it with you as there are no bins
  • Dogs are welcome on leads
  • There are no food or retails outlets at the falls. Nearest towns are Toora and Welshpool.
Agnes Falls Victoria
Well signposted walking tracks at Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve
Agnes Falls Victoria
Picnic area at Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve



Getting There

You will need your own transport to get to Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve as there is no public transport. The falls are around 2.5 hours from Melbourne taking the South Gippsland Highway.

As mentioned above, the views on the way to Agnes Falls are gorgeous. Taking Silcocks Road (near Toora) will take you past the Toora wind farm, or take Hazel Park Road from near Welshpool. Both roads come off the South Gippsland Highway and the falls are well signposted. Either road will give you views of Corner Inlet Marine and Coastal Park and on a clear day views over to Wilsons Promontory. Please note, there are no formal viewing areas for the wind farms so please drive/park safely.


A great way to see these views is to do a round trip from the South Gippsland Highway as shown below:

Views over rolling green hills and Corner Inlet Marine Park.

Toora wind farm with views of Wilsons Promontory.

Tips for Visiting with Children

The short walk to the falls is a huge bonus if you have children who don’t like walking. The picnic area has plenty of space to run around and play in nature (who else loves placing leaves in a river and watching them float along?).

More Information

The very passionate and dedicated Friends of Agnes Falls have an active Facebook page. The Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve is managed by Parks Victoria and there are Park Notes and articles on the website.

Looking for more areas to explore near Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve? You could wait until I build all my Gippsland content, but if you want ideas right now have a look at the Visit Prom Country and Visit Victoria – Gippsland websites.